Loved summer.

Loved summer.

beer of choice.

beer of choice.

Went to the grand opening of the Genesee Brew House with Kat today. had a blast!

Went to the grand opening of the Genesee Brew House with Kat today. had a blast!

Covered in dirt, beer, glitter and left over facepaint.

Show in buffalo on saturday night was awesome, took an elbow to the face and my nose hurts like a sonofabitch but it was well worth it.Took the beer shower as usual.

Henry’s going away party yesterday was even better. Spent 5 dollars on 500 waterballoons and let the chaos ensue. Everyone got soaked. A good investment of $5 if I do say so myself. All the food everyone made and all the bands were amazing everyone had such a good time. A good send off for a good friend.

I fucking love summer so much.

PS to the guy who straight up kicked me in my ass/vag, you’re an asshole and you are lucky I didn’t punch you in the throat.

I hate when people say ‘This is the saddest day of the year’ or ‘I fucking hate this day because I’m single’ WHAA WHAA WHAAAAA


if you stop treating it differently you will stop feeling bad for no reason, because seriously this day doesn’t mean shit about shit. It’s a corporate holiday to suck up all your extra spending cash when you could be spending it on discount candy a week later. or bowling or this if you live in Rochester NY….

Go out and do whatever you would do on a regular Tuesday night and get over it already.


Nestled in between an express way and 2 highly trafficked roads near the Penfield/Brighton Town borders, Corbett’s Falls is a hidden green space in an urban jungle.

I discovered it through a friend’s photograph, and further research lead me to this website: for maps, parking information, and the history of Allen’s Creek. I decided I could not find a better way to describe it than the website’s author:

Hidden away in the development-packed Rochester suburb of Penfield, the Glen continues to serve as a small slice of nature for the community to enjoy. The pebble-lined Allens Creek enters the park as visitors do, through the vaulted stone arch of the railway bridge. It is this tunnel that gives visitors a feeling of entering another world; one that really shouldn’t be here, as they leave the busy expressways and business complexes above, and follow Allens Creek as it winds around glacial formations and drops over several small frothy cascades. Tunnel Falls, lying just as the creek emerges from beneath the vine-covered stone of the rail bridge, is the first of many lovely scenes that is remembered long after leaving. Two additional cascades, although small in size, shake up the creek and provide a little excitement in this otherwise serene landscape.”

A two minute walk down a private drive will take you to the tunnel where Allen’s Creek produces the 1st waterfall. There you will find a lovely picnic table and bench, perfect for taking a quick work-day lunch break. Keep on walking the two-mile trail for more breathtaking views of waterfalls, wetland marsh, woodland and meadow. You’ll be there and back again within a few short hours. Here’s a trail map to get you started: CorbettsGlen-TRAILS.pdf